About KinetiCast

A simple, powerful and proven online presentation tool for the B2B sales elite

KinetiCast is not your typical sales tool. It was specially designed to give the sales elite an advantage over the competition, enabling you to not only hit your quotas, but destroy them.

This tool is reserved for those sales professionals who dare to be great, and who are not satisfied with the results they’re getting from sending emails and attaching the same static PowerPoint presentation.

With KinetiCast, deliver dynamic, personalized presentations that weave together PowerPoint, video, audio, images, links and downloadable files. And best of all, track your prospects’ response.

Features & Functionality

Build Engaging Online Presentations

KinetiCast’s presentation builder allows for complete customization so you can deliver a sales presentation that speaks directly to prospects, engaging them while clearly explaining the value of your product, service or solution.

A Better Way to Email Sales Presentations

Personalize your email message and send your sales presentation via a link. Your prospect will appreciate the extra effort and won’t have to hassle with large file attachments.

Gain Valuable Insight

The analytics and tracking features are the true power of KinetiCast. Receive an email alert the moment a prospect opens your presentation. Using the analytics dashboard, know exactly what presentation was opened, slides viewed, videos watched and buttons clicked. This insight will help you prioritize prospect follow ups and give you a better understanding on how to customize future communications.

Better Communication Throughout The Sales Process

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by using the power of online presentations to more effectively communicate with your prospects, no matter what phase of the sales process they are in. KinetiCast has proven successful at:

Separate Yourself from Your Competition

If you want your sales team to gain the edge on your competition and distinguish themselves as the pre-eminent sales force, contact us and start a 15-day free KinetiCast trial. Use this next-generation sales tool to connect and interact with prospects, earning their trust and business.

With KinetiCast:

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Beat Your Quotas, Always

Dominate Your Sales Territory

Empower Your Sales Force