Beat Your Quota, Always

Watch your sales increase as you engage prospects like never before

With KinetiCast’s interactive online sales presentation software, you’ll always know the moment you connect with your prospects. Its analytics feature then helps you determine how best to customize follow-up communications, so you can become a quota-killing force.


The moment your customers view your multimedia presentation, you’ll know. Plus, you can see how long they viewed each slide, and what documents they downloaded. They can’t help but be connected to you.


No two customers are alike, and neither will their reactions to your presentation. Know what aspects of your message are of greatest or least interest, and then tailor your follow-up to speak directly to them. Anticipate what your prospects will want to know more about.

Close More Sales

With the ultimate follow-up tool at your disposal, communicate a complete and professional roadmap to prospects. Increase your close rate, decrease the length of your selling cycle and start destroying your sales goals.

With KinetiCast, listen, react and adjust in real time to your customers’ level of interest, pain points and objections. They’ll be blown away – and so will your sales quotas.