Why Use KinetiCast’s Online Sales Presentation Tool?

Sales CartoonThis morning I was speaking with the Vice President of Sales for our largest customer.  I could not help but remember that our relationship began with a cold call over a year ago.  The first conversation was very short, he asked for some information.  I sent him a KinetiCast presentation, then followed up with him after he watched it.  The second conversation was essentially him, telling me, that they did not need KinetiCast because they already had PowerPoint, video and email.

So I asked him, if he had these tools already, were they experiencing the growth they were hoping for?  He said that they were not, so I asked what was stopping them?  We started to communicate in a different way.  Him asking me lots of questions about potential applications, and me asking how they were currently selling, ultimately identifying some perfect uses for online sales presentations in their sales process.

Inspired by these events:

Here are five reasons I have given to prospects why they should use KinetiCast’s online sales presentation tool.

1.  Are your prospects and customers important enough for you to customize communications for them?

Of course they are!  KinetiCast will give you the ability to easily personalize each and every sales communication, actually prompting the sales professional to think of a specific value proposition for each and every sales communication.

2.  Are your sales communications receiving the attention they deserve?

It is impossible to tell with the conventional sales arsenal.  But with KinetiCast you will be able to send a message that is tracked with award winning analytics so that you will know who is interested, and exactly what part of your message they are most interested in. 

3.  Are you leveraging the power of multimedia in your sales communications?

This is nearly impossible due to mailbox size constraints.  Studies have shown that video and audio can significantly increase viewer engagement and retention.  Is this happening for your organization?  Why not?

KinetiCast is the simplest and most effective way for sales people to create, send and track multimedia presentations that are proven to work.

4.  Do you have the ability to embed key information in your sales communication?

A call to action is the logical next step in the sales process, or buying cycle.   If you take the time to interact with your prospect, at least let them know what you would like them to do next.   Nobody buys confused.  While you are at it, include all of the resources they will need to start a successful partnership with your organization.

5.  Are you gaining the desired incremental revenue from your existing customer base?

It is widely known that your greatest potential for new business resides in your existing customer base.  Is this happening for you?  Why not? 

Primarily because sales people can get so wrapped up in mining for new gems, that the ones they already have get taken while they are not looking.

KinetiCast will enable proactive customer communications so you can  identify and qualify desirable business from your best prospects, while keeping you connected.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the tools that are already  being employed by your sales team.  I am simply saying that there may be a better way to use these resources, and to differentiate yourself from everyone else who uses them.

So please ask yourself the questions above, then give us a call.


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