10 Reasons to Use Online Presentations in the Sales Process

Online Presentation software features and functionally have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. These tools now give business professionals the ability to create multimedia sales presentations using PowerPoints, images and video. Depending on the platform, users can then email them to contacts and track who opens the presentation, what slides were viewed and for how long.

The following are the Top 10 reasons why professionals are integrating online presentations into their sales efforts.  

  1. Standard presentations can be created and then quickly personalized for each lead with text and/or video; conveying to contacts the value a company places their business.
  2. Analytics features enable users to identify those contacts interested in a product by seeing who opened the presentation and for how long they viewed it.
  3. Prospects are given a presentation that they can easily forward on to their supervisors or the company’s decision makers.
  4. Users can track each presentation’s ability to convert viewers into leads by monitoring who takes the presentation’s desired call to action.
  5. Online presentation tools make it possible to accurately determine return on investment, ensuring a company is getting the greatest value for their money.
  6. The threat of a presentation being automatically sent to a spam folder is eliminated because there are no large file attachments — presentations arrive as a link in the body of an email.
  7. Leads can view sales presentations at their leisure, instead of when they are preoccupied and not fully paying attention.
  8. Sales teams are provided with a tool that can be used at different stages in the buying cycle. Presentations can introduce a product/service to a potential customer, or serve as a follow up to a one-on-one sales presentation.
  9. Company’s can distinguish their sales pitch from the competition’s by delivering it in a new, interactive technology.
  10. Long-distance leads are given the option of putting a face to a name with the integration of a personalized video in the presentation.


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