A Christmas Gift for Your Sales Pros and Managers Alike

One way you can say "I care" to your sales people, this holiday season is to do a full analysis of your sales process and find the things that need to be fixed:

Should Old Time Wasters Be Forgotten and Never Brought to Mind?

As the year begins, take the time to review your entire account on-boarding process. 

Ask yourself:

  • How much revenue is stuck in a maybe stage?

Or Worse Yet

  • How much is stuck in a committed stage-but not producing revenue?

To resolve these issues, consider seeking out a six-sigma process consultant*, someone who does not care about your feelings but does care about the health of your business. It is easy to fall into time-wasting ruts, and your account implementation procedure is a great place to find and recover time loss. Make it your New Year's resolution to start 2010 dissecting your implementation process and cutting inefficiencies in half.

A Twice-Checked List

Lists and online databases can greatly lighten the prospecting load for your sales pros. A great list or database** builds sales momentum and enables your sales force to stuff your pipeline like a stocking full of toys-now and all year long.

Ask your sales force to commit to touching every contact with a live visit or an online presentation, and then teach them geographical optimization.

Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

As this year draws to a close, make sure your hard working reps take a little time. Time to clean out old files, time to recycle outdated piles of papers, and time to lay out goals for the New Year. 

Listen to what they need to stay motivated and provide it if you can.

All I Want for Christmas is YOU

While it is important to regularly show your appreciation for your sales team, sometimes you need a strategy to re-energize an under-performing member.

Try this tactic:

Get your underperformer's resume out, sit them down across from you and as you slide their resume in from of them, remind them that they were hand picked to do their job. Ask them to apply the same tenacity to selling your product or service as they did when they sold their way into their job. 

Sometimes, even the most talented people can succumb to the pressures & rejection, the browbeating & rigors of daily selling activity. Time to get them back to being who theyreally are. Reinvigorating a sales pro's self-image is a great gift to the individual and the organization.

What else can you do to rejuvenate your team as you head into the New Year?

By David Tyner 


* For Six Sigma Help, we like Erika Choi at Choice Solutions Management Consulting (http://www.choiceny.com/)

** For Online Lists and Database we have fallen in love with Inside View (http://www.insideview.com/)



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