Increase Your Sales: This Is Not Your Father’s Cold Call

by David Tyner

The majority of sales people dread cold calling and for good reason - they do not get the results they desire due to employing the same methods that were used a generation ago. While not for the faint of heart and despite diminishing results, cold calling is still utilized by many organizations as a primary method to introduce a sales person to a prospect.

Imagine if you could give the ultimate gift to your sales team - a way to make cold calling significantly more effective and more enjoyable for your sales team? That's right, enjoyable! Here's how...

Changing the tools can change the game

I am reminded of when I was kid and was charged with mowing our lawn. We had an old beat-up push lawn mower. It would frequently conk out, had a narrow cutting radius, emitted noxious fumes and was very hard to start and those were it's good qualities. I would dread trying to start the mower because I would often need to call my Dad outside to help. There was little worse than having attempted to start the mower over and over with no success just to have my Dad come out and with one pull get the mower going. Then, once the mower was started, I had four hours of pushing the mower up and down our hilly property. It was exhausting and I dreaded it.

Now, as an adult with a riding mower, I actually enjoy mowing the lawn. With the turn of a key, my mower starts. As I ride back and forth over my lawn, I enjoy the smells of summer, the calming hum of the motor and the peaceful solitude of the task at hand. Before I know it, I'm done and I'm left with a great looking lawn and sense accomplishment.

Why the paradigm shift - it's all about the tool. What sales person wouldn't want to frequently fill their sales funnel with fresh prospects? Sales people would love cold calling if it eventually led to gaining an edge and eclipsing sales goals. Now the quandary, a quick glance of the web, and you can see thousands of products claiming to increase thousands of things. So that begs the question, where can you learn about the right tools for cold calling? The answer is to ask the experts. Miles Austin is recognized as one of the leading authorities on the selection and use of Web Tools to drive increased sales. He is the author of the popular Fill the Funnel blog and is offering a free webinar called, "Cold Calling: It's Time to Change Your Game!" During this webinar, you will learn about a new generation of Web Tools and how to use these tools to increase sales. Specifically, you'll learn how:

  • Your customers are narrowing their vendor pool-and what you can do to make the cut.
  • To uncover the hidden network of connections and influencers that can make or break your next sale.
  • To get your message into the hands and minds of your customers before you ever meet.

The webinar will be held Wednesday, March 24, 2010 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT. Click here to register.

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