New Sales Technology: A Cure for the Blues

little hint about getting your reps to adopt new sales software.

Sales Technology Growing Pains

I was recently speaking to a group of folks who are responsible for the sales training for a global Fortune 100 company. I was selling a dynamic new sales productivity product, and they were singing the new technology blues.

During the course of our exchange I discovered that their main objection to purchasing a new technology is the fear that their sales people are not technically proficient enough to adopt it, even though it could exponentially increase sales productivity. Their sales teams routinely set the precedent for this belief. Sales people consistently falter when adapting to current technology and this places an incredible burden on an overworked training department.

News Flash

I have a secret to let you in on (and I hope sales professionals will forgive me for letting this cat out of the bag…). Here it is:

Your sales people are smart and incredibly proficient, and will adopt any technology that will make them money, so fast in fact it will make your head spin. Not only that but if there is really a chance it will help them make real money, given a little time they will start using the sales software in ways the designers never even dreamed of.

The real issue here is of motivation and leadership, and a quick word of advice, STOP adopting technology that duplicates effort, wastes time in meaningless data entry, or has a sales person doing a task someone else should be doing. When a process is crucial, simply let the sales professionals know why, and they will readily comply.

We all know that CRM systems are an absolute necessity, but please glean all necessary information from the CRM. Avoid asking sales people to duplicate information so that some other part of your organization can have it easier. Hello, this is the reason sales people are slow adopters! If they pretend they don’t know how to use the sales tool, they can wait for you to come to train them. It buys them a little time to not have to be bothered with it.

Sales Strategy Tip

Instead of wrestling with your sales force to get them to conform, look again at the sales systems you are using, cut duplication and redundancies, consolidate, and if something isn’t an effective tool, toss it out!

If it is an absolute necessity, sell it to your sales folks as a tool to help them make money, and they will adopt faster than Brad and Angie.

If you cannot figure out what tools are sales busters and what tools are winners, just ask your sales managers and senior level reps and you find out quickly. For an overview of more than 70 sales tools, click here to download a free copy of Smart Selling Tools’ eBook, “Increasing Productivity.”

Lastly, when it comes to purchasing new sales software, let your top performers try it awhile. It should be like handing a race car driver a Ferrari, of course they couldn’t figure out how to get the yugo started.

By David Tyner


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