Old World Skills, New World Sales Tools

A Lesson in Sales from a True Craftsman

My father-in-law is a true craftsman. When he goes to do a job — and the guy can do anything — he brings buckets, bags and boxes full of tools.

When he sees my 25-in-1 multi-tool, he just smiles and says, “It is better to use one tool that was born from need than a generic cover-all tool designed for many different applications.”

It takes more planning and patience to load up the tools ahead of time and more time to develop the skill to use them, but when you use the right tools correctly, there is less damage, more job completion and less frustration. The wrong tool may lead to quitting (which is in evidence all over my house where you can find dozens of started, but not finished, projects!)

Employ Specialized Sales Tools

Sales is much the same; every sales professional needs to carry out either the entire sales process or some piece of the sales process. The best scenario features a skilled sales professional with access to, and experience, with the proper selling tools. The more specialized the tool, the more effective it is at accomplishing the job for which it was designed.

The classic sales professional used a pay phone, a map and a day-timer; it required true skill to make this work. Modern sales productivity tools can empower us with more selling time that is focused on building genuine relationships with customers and prospects.

Early on as a sales manager, I was often running behind and frustrated when trying to follow printed directions to a customer location. What a revelation GPS has been to the road-warrior sales pro! Now, I arrive relaxed, focused, and on time, just by adding the right tool to my bucket.

Similarly, there was also the hassle of synchronizing schedules, contacts, and email. Behold! The BlackBerry arrived, and out of the darkness, I came — just by selecting and using the right tool.

What Sales Tools do you Use?

Selling tools are potent in the hands of the right people. Make no mistake; there is no substitute for a serious approach to the craft of selling. However, finding the right combination of skills and tools can be the recipe for making rain.

What sales tools can you recommend and for what specific sales purpose?

Note: We keep an eye on fillthefunnel.com and smartsellingtools.com. These sites are great for staying on top of some powerful tool options.

By David Tyner


  1. Miles Austin's avatar

    Miles Austin

    David, Tools can provide a big difference in a sales organization, as long as the core sales skills are already in place.<br /> <br /> A few of the newer tools that we have reviewed or are testing now that can make life more productive for salesmakers include:<br /> <br /> 1) Workstreamer - follow your prospects online postings<br /> <br /> 2) Mypeoplemaps - Visualize your connections<br /> <br /> 3) Batchbook - social CRM<br /> <br /> 4) Slideshare's new conferencing/collaboration tool called Zipcast<br /> <br /> Thanks for mentioning the work I do over at fillthefunnel.com

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