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According to PROMO Magazine, a 2008 Aberdeen Study found that “data segmentation and personalization significantly increases email campaign effectiveness.” PROMO Magazine explains that top-performing companies (those ranking in the top 20 percent) saw increases in email opens, click-through rates and conversions, after customizing their emails for recipients.

Tailoring communications using information you have gained through purchase history, online research or contact form submission enables you to connect with prospects on a more personal level, forging relationships instead of just transactions.

Traditionally, personalizing and connecting with customers is done through one-on-one phone calls and face-to-face meetings, where prospects can interact with the salesperson directly. However, this same type of personalization needs to transcend to online sales communications. 

Online audiences have become numb to marketing tactics that blast generic messages out to thousands of people. Therefore, to get a good return on your email marketing investment, you need to do something that separates yourself from email spam and will resonate with your audiences.

Personalizing your email campaigns is key to accomplishing this. Below are some suggestions on how to do this:

Show You Know Them

One of the best ways to connect with your prospects is to create one-to-one, personalized communications, which speak directly to an individual prospect. This is done by using the prospect’s name as well as referencing unique information about them, such as their location, company name, specific needs or past conversations. Avoid template emails and one-size-fits-all pitches.

Taking the extra time to customize messages shows the prospect that you value their business, thus differentiating you from your competition.

Do Something Memorable Via Technology

Be creative in how you personalize your messages and utilize the vast technologies available online. If possible, do something that will leave a lasting impression.

For example, create a personalized video that greets recipients by name and speaks to his or her needs. This helps humanize your organization and marketing messages by giving them a face. While it may seem tedious and a little cumbersome, the technology available today makes it really pretty easy to do. 

Differentiate Yourself From Spammers

By personalizing emails, you differentiate yourself from spammers by making it obvious that your communication was created specifically for that person and not the masses.

It’s important to note that personalizing does not mean just including their name at the top of the email. Instead include an introduction paragraph that speaks to what you know about them, how you found them and what your product/service can do to help their situation.


Overall, when communicating with prospects online, think about how you would want someone to try to sell to you. What would resonate best with you? Consult your current customers and ask them what sold them on your product/service. Use this information and then tailor it with what you know about your prospect. Commit  the time necessary to personalize your email campaigns because the return is well worth it.

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