Selling Technique: Nobody Buys Confused

Not too long ago I saw a blog that was asking what is you favorite sales maxim or adage. Well here is mine, and it is one of the Golden Rules of Sales:

Nobody Gets Confused.

The minute you confuse your prospect, you lose them and most likely the sale. Below are some helpful selling techniques to ensure you are keeping things simple:

Never speak in your company's vernacular. 

Every company has internal lingo that they develop to speed communications; abbreviated phrases and acronyms to really simplify day-to-day exchanges.  This vernacular, however, can easily confuse and alienate your prospect.  Nonetheless, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard these phrases used in sales discussions. If you hear someone else doing it, kindly stop them and use it as a teachable moment. (Never in front of the customer) 

Avoid the temptation to try to explain everything about your product.

Before a meeting or phone call, carefully consider who you are speaking to and prioritize the relevant points, tailoring your approach around the pain you can remedy for that particular person/company. 

Concentrate on what each person does and how your product can make him or her a hero. If you cannot think of specific ways to make a person shine in his or her job, do more research until you find that winning formula.

Practice explaining your product to people who know nothing about your industry.

Look for glazed-over looks and signs of disengagement. Refine your pitch until you can simply and succinctly describe your product. Then find a way to tell your story in fewer words, once you have done that.............. say it in fewer still.

Ask pointed, premeditated questions. 

Many times, listening to a customer will lead you to the sale; observe their objections and concerns. This tactic will teach you to speak in their language rather than try to get them to translate yours. After the sales call make notes about what insight you gained into your prospect's needs and buying behaviors through your active listening. Prepare as much for the questions you will ask as for the stories you will tell.

Put yourself into their shoes.

The true sales professional is constantly listening to his own pitch, vicariously through the ears of his prospects.

Strive to prove every selling point.

Be prepared to offer empirical proof of the value of your product. Example - I may not know how a hybrid works but I know what this means: my current car gets 20 mpg, this hybrid gets 40mpg, this car will cut my gas bill in half. No need to get too technical here-when you offer tangible evidence of your product's efficacy, prospect's can easily understand the value.

How do you clarify the sales message?

Please comment on anything you can offer to help others clarify their sales message; to help keep it simple!

By David Tyner 



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