Star Trek Sales Training Academy: A Crew of Winners (Part I of IV)

From a leadership standpoint, it is impossible to imagine the captain of a Starfleet Vessel doing every job on the ship all at once.  The ultimate well run organization is made up of smart, capable people who coordinate and execute their duties flawlessly.  To be an effective sales leader, many of the same principles apply.  Sales leaders gain control as they expertly navigate through the galaxy of sales prospects, plotting their course using perfectly placed sales stars as their guide.

Part one of this discussion focuses on learning as many different roles as possible.

I think we all can agree that laser-like focus on our mission is critical.  However, to give the focus context and relevance, here are some ideas.

Know what everyone else does, and if necessary be prepared to step in and do it yourself.  How can someone be considered a leader when they have little idea what the people around them actually do and why?  I have long thought that the most effective way to gain the respect of peers, subordinates and colleagues is to learn as much as possible about the work everyone else does.  

Think about new executives that your company hires.  Have you ever thought, "wouldn't it be great if this new executive walked a mile in my shoes?"

Yes, it would be great.  It is never too late for a sales leader to dig in and commit to understanding, from the inside out, all of the relevant roles.  Learn how the operation department works, how customer service works and so on. 

Knowing what the people around you do accomplishes many things.  You will gain credibility, enhance your subject matter expertise, gain unique insight and ultimately become a better sales leader.

It also gives you the ability to step in if absolutely necessary. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.


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