Star Trek Sales Training Academy: A Crew of Winners (Part II)

A sales team is something like the bridge of a Starship. Five years to explore the Universe, a limited time indeed and every moment has to count. In a very short time many tasks have to be accomplished, many dangers braved and many lessons to learn. Like officers on a starship, sales professionals are the people charged with the well being of the entire organization, shouldering the pressure to perform at top levels at all times. Lack of execution on routine tasks can have catastrophic results.

Part two of this discussion focuses on spending your work hours wisely.

What is Mr. Spock doing looking down into that little screen, is he playing video games? Is Uhura listening to Taylor Swift on the oldies station? Is Mr. Scott checking Google Maps for the nearest Dilithium Crystal filling station? Absolutely not! They are solely focused on the mission, and there is a deafening silence among crew members who are busy carrying out the tasks for which they are entrusted. While underway please take note of the fact that there is little banter between officers. Each officer has the sobering responsibility of managing distractions with professional aplomb.

For a Good Cause 

Sales people must keep in mind that they are crucial to the survival of the organization. Many people rely on them to be at their best at all times. Moments of personal interaction should be chosen wisely and sparingly. As a business rule and successful sales technique, personal non-work related interactions should be the exception and not the rule. The all-star crew stays at the ready, looking for anything out of the ordinary, looking for opportunities to improve process, and pounce on any potential issues.

Many problems are born from too much small talk including, loss of focus/productivity, lack of preparedness as well as anger from colleagues who are stuck actually doing the work. 

Pick up your Phone 

On another note, no star fleet officer ignores a hail or a page. Unfortunately, it has become far too common to observe sales people ignoring their phone calls. Please consider picking up the phone whenever it rings, even when it a difficult call to take. The only way to handle a problem is to face it head on. Think of what is feels like when you really need to help, or some information and the person you need does not answer the phone. Conversely, how great it feels when you call and actually get the help you need.

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