If you have trees in your area or a specific tree you love since childhood in your yard, then I’m sure you know that in order to keep it healthy and beautiful all year-round trimming is a go to process. Trimming has many types and each trimming process has its own beneficial effect on the growth of a tree. However, in the trimming process a lot of materials can be used as well, each for a different type of trimming or part of a tree. Here let us talk about the type of materials used in trimming your tree.  


  1. Pole Tree Pruner 

A pole tree pruner is the best tool for making sure you are safely rooted on ground while doing the task of trimming higher parts of the limbs of your tree. Pole tree pruners are perfect for the job because it heads that is curved enough to easily cut a limb or branch with a matching blade that you can easily operate on ground. If you are a first-time user, it can be a little confusing to use however once you hooked the branch you are eyeing for the trim, it can be easier to operate the second blade that can be operated while you are on ground.  

2. Gas Pole Saw 

Thick limbs or branches are harder to handle as it needs more steady equipment and more force from the one operating the equipment. However, one advantage of this tool is how you can use it without the help of a ladder. Like a pole tree pruner, you can easily secure your safety when using this equipment or tool since you are steady on ground. This tool has blades that are longer compared to your usual tool and are serrated to ensure that the limb or branch of target is gripped for cutting. Even if you are safe on the ground while using this tool, you will need to use a lot of strength from your upper body since this tool is held over the head of the one operating for quite an extended period.  

 3. Chain Saw 

If you are cutting or trimming a wood that is very thick then you will be needing this tool. This tool is a mechanical saw that is portable and can do the job for you without much effort. Using a chainsaw can shorten the amount of time you will spend on a trimming or cutting task compared to other tools. Even if your chainsaw is a good tool to cut through thick limbs compared to other tools, it is still important to take note that the engine size of the chainsaw and the chain used are very important factors. Cutting through branches that are very thick might be better for chainsaws that are powered through gas, however if you are thinking of not so thick limbs or branches, electric chainsaws will fully suffice.  

 4. Hedge Shears 

This tool is an affordable tool that you can easily use when cutting through thick limbs. However, you need to expect that purchasing hedge shears may involve a lot of effort on your part as the one operating the tool or equipment. If you prefer a lesser effort hedge shear equipment, there are motorized versions in the market however it will be a bit more expensive than your regular one.  

These materials are useful however if you are someone who is not confident to do the job alone, you might want to opt calling a professional for help to secure your safety. Tree trimming Westminster can easily trim your trees for you. Call them today!