Dominate Your Sales Territory

Big or small, global or local, it’s yours for the taking

With KinetiCast’s online presentation software, increase the number of pending sales you manage without compromising your one-on-one customer connections — the perfect acquisition and retention combo.

Keep track of multiple online presentations

Send presentations to multiple prospects at once and personalize each email with mail-merge fields. KinetiCast then tracks your presentations so you can react at a moment’s notice. Be faster and more targeted than your competition.

Multiple personalized presentations

Take your approved sales presentation and personalize it with text, images, audio, and/or video. Build your presentations to speak (literally) to your prospects. That’s one-on-one communication, still the best way to close sales.

Save time and mileage

Who says you can’t be everywhere at the same time. All the time you used to spend traveling to a single prospect or customer can now be spent creating many more deep, long-lasting connections. No matter where your customers are in the sales process, you can be there when they’re ready to communicate.

With KinetiCast, your competition won’t be able to keep up with your coverage.