Empower Your Sales Force

Help make your sales team a dynamic, quota-killing, motivated sales force

With KinetiCast’s online presentation tool, your sales team will be armed with customized, professional presentations that empower them to better align their prospect’s objectives with your sales process.

Easy To Use

If you can point and click, you can create impressive multimedia presentations. If you can send emails, you can deliver presentations that speak directly to your customers. KinetiCast’s online tool is designed to be intuitive to sales, not IT.


The last thing your sales team needs is another layer to manage. KinetiCast can be easily integrated into CRM systems, such as Salesforce.com.

Tracking and Analytics

Every presentation sent is trackable and each connection is measurable. Gauge your prospect’s interest level and target your energy on the most qualified. That’s good time management, which translates to more sales quotas hit.

With KinetiCast, lead your sales team to the promised land!