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The Sales Blog- Two Sales 2.0 Offerings That Enable Sales 1.0

"I can’t do Kineticast’s offering justice by describing it. So, I asked David to make a short demo for readers of this blog. This demo is what helped enable David to close three deals out of eight calls." Click here to read the entire blog post.

New York State Science & Technology Law Center — Company Spotlight

1. What is KinetiCast? KinetiCast is a Web-based technology company in Coxsackie, NY that has developed a unique online presentation tool to meet the needs of today’s sales professionals. Click here to read the entire company spotlight.

Fill The Funnel — Increase the Odds of Getting Your Email Message Opened with KinetiCast

"KinetiCast is easy to use online presentation software that enables you to  deliver your message at any stage of  the sales process from cold-calling through to after sale follow-up and tech support." Miles Austin, Fill The Funnel. Click here to read the entire article.

Smart Selling Tools Logo

Smart Selling Tools — Increase Sales Productivity: Sales Tools and the Path to Productivity Gains

"Kineticast also offers a unique capability for presenting information to prospects ... Where 'send me more information' takes away sales reps’ power, Kineticast gives it back ..." Click here to download the eBook.

Small Business Trends — 11 Highly Useful Presentation Tools for Sales and Marketing

"...some of the tools below make it possible to create a more dynamic presentation, complete with audio, animation, and video that you can position on the Web for customers to review at their convenience.

So here are 11 presentation tools for creating outstanding presentations or just repurposing already-existing presentations, for your sales and marketing:" Click here to read the full article — KinetiCast featured on's Your Business's Your  Business

" is a new site that helps business owners easily build a presentation and send it out to potential customers. The site can also keep you up to date on how people are watching your slide shows." Click the image to the right to view the video.

B2B Magazine — CEG’s multimedia e-mails decrease costs, increase sales

"To meet this challenge, CEG decided to send out customized presentations via e-mail using KinetiCast, an online tool that creates, sends and tracks multimedia presentations. To use the program, Aitcheson creates a PowerPoint presentation and uploads it to KinetiCast ..." Click here to read the full article

LAPTOP Magazine — KinetiCast named one of the Top 50 Web Tools for 2008

KinetiCast, Inc. is pleased to announce that LAPTOP Magazine has named its multimedia presentation tool as one of the top 50 web tools of 2008. The article singles out KinetiCast as the "Presentation on the go."  Click here to read the Announcement

Inc. Technology — KinetiCast featured by Inc. Technology

"KinetiCast has a slick little easy-to-use tool to put together online presentations, send them out by e-mail and then track feedback.  It's a rich tool that allows users to incorporate files, streaming video, power point slides, graphics and text, of course."  Click here to read the full article

AppScout — KinetiCast featured by AppScout, which is from the editors and analysts of PC Magazine

"...The presentation editor's strength is in its simplicity; and all of your tools and options are laid out on the main screen. With only a few clicks you can add media to your presentation, change the template and design, resize any media you've added, and save your presentation."  Click here to read the full article

ZDNet - ZDNet reviews KinetiCast

"...The application is based on Flex and has some good features that revolve around managing a lot of presentations and tracking how well they do. You can set up email campaigns with a link back to the presentation and then analytical tools let you track how many people viewed the presentations and when they stopped looking at them." Click here to read the full article

Master New Media Blog - Robin Goode reviews KinetiCast

Kineticast is an online presentation creator that anyone can use to create presentations, and to deliver via email. Creating a presentation is really simple: from the menu, you can upload pictures, videos, audio, add text, links, and everyone of these elements can be resized and moved anywhere on the screen. Click here to read the full blog post

DMNews — KinetiCast featured by DMNews

“[KinetiCast] provides us with the ability to target our messages using customized communications for qualified accounts, existing customers and new targets,” says Zak VP Michael Dagle. He expects KinetiCast will help his company achieve a 30% savings in its travel budget." Click here to read the full article

Training Magazine — KinetiCast President Michael Grosso's Remote Training Tip Sheet

"Technology is changing the way content is remotely delivered... and training content is no different. Like anything that is done remotely there are certain challenges that can make the process more difficult. However, new technologies now make it that much easier for trainers not only to send information to their trainees, but to engage them and truly teach them as if they were in the same room." Click here to read the full article