KinetiCast Enhances Online Presentation Tool with New Email Notification Feature

COXSACKIE, NY — March 31, 2010 — KinetiCast, an online presentation tool for sales and marketing professionals, announces the release of its latest product enhancement — email notifications. Email notifications are email alerts automatically sent to one, or multiple users, when a contact opens a presentation.

These alerts include the contact’s name, phone number and extension, email address, presentation title, date sent and viewing information. Click-to-dial capabilities are also possible with most smartphones (including BlackBerry® and the iPhone), thus enabling users to quickly follow-up with prospects in real time from any location.

“The ability to quickly and efficiently connect with customers when they are actively learning about you is a huge advantage for any sales professional,” said Mike Grosso, president of KinetiCast. “As sales professionals ourselves, we understand the pain points of our customers and as a result are constantly evolving our presentation tool to more effectively work for them.”

The email notifications feature is just one of the many tracking and reporting capabilities of KinetiCast. Using the tool’s analytics, customers can easily see who opened an online presentation, how many times they viewed it, how much time was spent on specific slides, whether it was forwarded and to whom. This information enables sales professionals to prioritize prospect follow-ups by their interest level and customize communications accordingly.

About KinetiCast

KinetiCast is an online presentation tool for sales and marketing professionals. KinetiCast empowers users to create, email and track engaging online presentations that can help to better qualify prospects, shorten sales cycles and close more deals. Founded in 2007, KinetiCast is based in New York's Tech Valley.

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