KinetiCast's Latest Online Presentation Software Update Adds Audio Overlay

COXSACKIE, NY - Nov 01, 2010 - KinetiCast, an online sales presentation tool, announces the release of its latest product enhancement - audio overlay. Sales professionals now have the ability to integrate audio files to play with presentation slides, allowing for more engaging delivery of vital product and service information.

To add audio to a KinetiCast presentation, users can simply choose to upload a pre-existing MP3 file, or use KinetiCast's quick capture tool. The audio message is added to a slide and, by default, is set to play automatically when the viewer arrives on it. Users are also given the option to tag these files for easy integration into future presentations.

"We are always talking to our users and asking how we can improve KinetiCast to help them better connect with and engage their prospects, and ultimately close more deals," said David Tyner, KinetiCast director of sales. "The ability to add audio to a presentation's slides was the most commonly requested feature, and we are very excited to roll this out to all of our users."

KinetiCast's new audio feature joins a number of other features giving users the ability to personalize presentations and make them more engaging for recipients. The tool already enables users to upload PowerPoint presentations, record or upload video, integrate files for download, add and resize images, and insert web links.

KinetiCast also includes email delivery options and an analytics dashboard where customers can easily see who opened an online presentation, how many times it was viewed, how much time was spent on specific slides, and whether it was forwarded. This information enables sales professionals to prioritize prospect follow-ups by a lead's interest level and customize communications accordingly.

About KinetiCast
KinetiCast is an online presentation tool for sales professionals. It empowers users to create, email and track engaging online presentations that can help to better qualify prospects, shorten sales cycles and close more deals. Founded in 2007, KinetiCast is based in New York's Tech Valley. Visit the company's new website at