Online Communication Tool for National Rollouts

Managing the rollout of new corporate initiatives to an entire organization is not an easy task. To be effective, it requires extensive planning, coordination and the support of hundreds, or thousands, of employees across several geographic regions.

One essential element of this process is the communication toolused to share rollout information. It needs to effectively:

  • Explain the reasoning and benefits behind the rollout in a clear, easy-to-understand manner
  • Supply specific employees with necessary documentation or collateral 
  • Guarantee all employees across the country, or globe, are receiving and conveying consistent messaging
  • Ensure that all employees are complying with the information delivered to them.

Online Presentations

KinetiCast’s online presentation tool is ideally suited for this type of use case. It enables users to quickly create online presentations, attach files for download, record personal video messages and integrate graphic buttons as links.

Users can then template these presentations for consistent delivery and email them via a link – no attachments required.

The tool’s analytics features let users see who opened the presentation, what slides they viewed and how much time was spent on each.

The KinetiCast Advantage

  • Delivers clear, consistent messaging and talking points from the top-down using an intuitive presentation platform.
  • Houses all essential documentation securely online for download.
  • Simplifies the personalization of correspondence by enabling you to create standard email and presentation templates and then merge contact information.
  • Clarifies your messaging by giving you the option to record a personal video message further explaining the account rollout to recipients. 
  •  Disseminates all information and document files via link – no attachments required.
  • Eliminates the need for large file attachments and the threat of spam filters impeding the delivery of the email.
  • Allows for analytics tracking of who viewed the presentation, helping organizers hold people accountable for staying up-to-date on company correspondence.