5 Examples Of Closing A Sale With KinetiCast

Most sales start as a lead, and that’s where your work begins. Some sales can take just a few minutes to close, while others can take more than a year. Usually a B2B sale closes somewhere in-between these two extremes.

The following are examples of how KinetiCast's online presentation software can be used to move your prospect toward a close.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Setting the appointment
  3. Preparing for the meeting
  4. Following up after the meeting
  5. Closing the Sale

Bonus: Ensuring Success with Training


1. Prospecting

Your telesales professional has just connected with a prospect who wants “more information.” But you don’t know if it’s a hot or cold lead. It’s time to find out how serious this prospect really is.

Send a KinetiCast presentation, about 3-5 slides in length.

  • Take advantage of the easy-to-use audio and video capture. Introduce yourself. Make it personal.
  • Address some specific pain points that you can help solve.
  • Force a call to action and include either a web link or sales collateral for download.

Now track how your prospect responds to determine whether this lead is worth pursuing. Did they open the presentation? How many slides did they view? Did they download your brochure?

Watch how we prospect with KinetiCast.

Online Presentation Example Prospecting

2. Setting the Appointment

Using KinetiCast, you’ve qualified your lead. Now it’s time to get an appointment.

Send your lead a short KinetiCast presentation.

  • Look at the analytics from your initial presentation, and focus on the pain point your prospect seemed to be most interested in.
  • Suggest setting up an appointment and include a link to make it easy.

Now wait until they open the email and be ready to confirm the appointment as soon as they show interest.

Watch how we set up an appointment with KinetiCast.

Online Presentation Example


3. Preparing for the meeting

Your meeting has been set up. Now it’s time to prepare yourself and your prospect for that meeting, so you make the best use of that valuable time.

Send your prospect a pre-call KinetiCast presentation.

  • Start with a personal confirmation video, demonstrating your enthusiasm for the meeting.
  • Show interest in your prospect and include a link to a brief online survey that will help you better understand their needs.
  • Provide a brief agenda and include downloadable material that you will cover during the meeting.
  • End with a slide that confirms the time and place for the meeting.

You’ll be able to gauge how you want to approach the meeting depending on how your prospect responds to your presentation.

Watch how we prepare for a meeting with KinetiCast.

online presentation example


4. Following up after the meeting

Your meeting has gone well. You’ve learned what your prospect needs and how you can help. Make sure you follow up.

Send your prospect a follow-up KinetiCast presentation and go for a close.

  • Demonstrate your continued enthusiasm with a personal video summarizing the key points of the meeting.
  • Present action items and next steps, both in the slide and with a downloadable file that they can show to others. Include any incentives that might encourage the prospect to act now.
  • Include a slide that has previously sent materials, so they can readily access it if they need to show it to others.
  • Depending on how the meeting went, offer a trial close scenario. Include contracts, letters of agreement, deal sheets or any other documents that will enable them to sign up for your products or services.

Pay careful attention to how your prospect reacts to the action items. With KinetiCast analytics, find out if they forward the information. Be prepared to send them additional information as you move toward the close. 

Watch how we follow up after a meeting with KinetiCast.

online presentation example


5. Closing the sale

Your prospect is ready to buy. Now it’s time to close the sale and make it official, transitioning your prospect into a customer.

Send your soon-to-be customer an implementation/roll-out KinetiCast presentation.

  • Welcome your prospect with a personal video.
  • Outline the closing steps and provide them with all of the material they need to make it official.
  • Provide them with next steps once they have become a customer, which could include installation, training, etc.
  • Confirm they made to right decision choosing your company.

It’s never closed until it’s signed. By tracking their involvement, you’ll get a good idea of when documents will be signed, and when you should or shouldn’t call. You can also be proactive by offering detailed next steps, once again proving to them that they made the right choice to go with you.

Watch how we use KinetiCast to close a sale.

online presentation example

Bonus: Ensuring Success with Training

You’ve made the sale, but now you must train new customers on how to maximize value and ROI of your product. It’s called training and service, and whether your team or another department does it, it still has to be done.

Deliver effective training presentations to customers and their staff with KinetiCast.

  • Personalize the training with a video from you or the trainer.
  • Make sure they have all the resources they need to ensure success. Include link, videos, files, etc.
  • Include interactive quizzes to make for a more interactive experience.
  • Provide them with any pertinent updates.

The best part is that you or your trainers can monitor your customers’ progress and their level of understanding. If you conduct ongoing trainings or connections with your customers, you’ll be able to maintain interactive communication with them – an excellent way to engender loyalty and keep your retention rates high.

Watch how we use KinetiCast for trainings.

online presentation example