Sales Advantage

Are you struggling to gain momentum in sales?

You are not alone. As people become better at avoiding and ignoring pitches, sales professionals have to adapt and find new ways to deliver their messages.

Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time.

At KinetiCast, we understand this struggle and have invested our time and energy into creating a tool to help you get your advantage back. KinetiCast is an online presentation tool that gives you a new, more engaging way of communicating with prospects, and then provides valuable insight into a prospects interest level.

Non-Invasive Sales Tool

We consider KinetiCast a non-invasive sales tool in that it enables you to create engaging sales presentations that can include personalized video, audio and text. You can then email your presentation via a link, so you no longer have to worry about bogging down their inbox with 4 MB PointsPoints anymore.

Your prospect can now receive your personalized sales pitch on their own schedule, instead of when it’s convenient for both parties. You know when they viewed your presentation because of our advanced analytics platform. This reporting lets you see who opened your presentation and what they information they viewed for efficient, more targeted followups.

Learn more about KinetiCast’s features and functionality.