Sales Presentation Resources

At KinetiCast, our focus is to help you join the sales elite. We constantly collect the top sales-related resources from around the web as well as our own experts.

Sales Salve

Sales Salve is a sales and marketing blog offering useful sales insights, tips and techniques.

KinetiCast User Tips

KinetiCast User Tips is a blog designed specifically for KinetiCast users. It provides useful recommendations, tips and tricks on how to continually improve the performance of your online sales presentations.

Turpin Communication Sales Presentation Resources

A tool is only as good as the practitioner who uses it. This is why we've teamed with Turpin Communication to help you make the most of online presentations. Specifically created for KinetiCast users, Turpin produced several resources to help maximize your presentation's effectiveness. Learn More.

PowerPoint Template Downloads

To support sales professionals, we've developed a number of Free PowerPoint presentation templates.  To download, simply complete the form on the following page and we will email you a KinetiCast presentation containing links to download one or all of the PowerPoint templates. Download Templates.

No Time Marketing Truths

"No Time Marketing" by Alyssa Dver is a useful resource that provides readers with 10 truths that will improve their marketing results. Download here.

Get Found Online

Your prospective customers are using search engines, reading blogs and asking for recommendations from peers through sites like Linkedin and Twitter. Learn how to reach these audiences online by downloading HubSpot's Get Found Online eBook


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