Turpin Communication Sales Presentation Resources

A tool is only as good as the practitioner who uses it. To help you produce more effective sales presentations with KinetiCast, we've partnered up with Turpin Communication, a leader in presentation and facilitation skills training.

They have created the following three presentations to help you understand how to shoot good, quality video, organize your presentation, and engage viewers through video.

7 Ways to Improve Your KinetiCast Videos

This presentation is designed to introduce you to 7 basic principles for producing video that you can implement easily using everyday video, audio and lighting equipment.

The Principles of Organizing Presentations Using KinetiCast

This presentation is designed to help you organize your KinetiCast presentations so that they meet your business goals.

Looking & Sounding Natural on Video

This presentation is designed to provide you techniques you can use to engage viewers through the camera’s lens, so that you appear natural and your personality comes through.

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