Asthma is a serious condition and is often triggered with many things. If you have asthma, you have probably experienced chest pain, breath shortness, wheezing when you are exhaling, sleep problems due to breathing problems. These common symptoms are often observed in people that have asthma however people who are in a more serious case of asthma experiences more trouble breathing due to problems in the lungs and often use inhalers for a quick relief. Severe asthma patients are more sensitive to heavy routines or smells and other allergens like molds, pollen and even saliva or hair from your beloved pets at home. Patients in this condition need more assistance from a doctor since with severe asthma, life threatening situations are more prevalent.  

In case you don’t know the signs to an asthma attack, it includes wheezing or breath shortness or rapid breathing, no signs when aid with an inhaler for quick relief. When these signs are seen, call for help right away.  

Medication for asthma often changes. A quick relief may not be as effective as you think always. If you have observed that your go to medication is often out of the bag for your relief then you should start thinking twice about its effectiveness and go see your doctor for a consultation.  

So, what are some common causes of asthma? 

Asthma can be caused by many factors. Some are more genetically inclined to asthma while other asthma patients developed asthma through the environment they live in.  

In order to avoid your next asthma attack, here are some triggers you should take note of and avoid.  

  1. Physical Activity 

If you are someone with asthma then you should avoid any strenuous activities. Running, skipping or any other exercises that involves you engaging in a force and agility impacted task can really trigger asthma that is why it is best to avoid these actions. Exercise that requires lesser speed or force should be your go to. If your kid has asthma, it is best to limit their time with games that involves running, try board games instead! 

2. Respiratory Issues 

A common cold may be an easy issue to take care of however with people with asthma it can trigger to a more serious condition. Go easy on colds and sweat soaked clothes. Always change clothes when sweating too much and opt for drinks that lean on the warm side.  

 3. Air pollutants 

The quality of air in and outside your home is very important when it comes to a family member with asthma. When outside, always avoid smoke or any smell that can possibly trigger an asthma attack. Indoors, it is best to always clean the filters and air ducts of your home. If you are concerned who to call, air duct cleaning Pasadena offers both filter and air duct cleaning as well as replacement. Ensuring good air quality at home is not just beneficial for the members of your family that have asthma it also helps your wellness and productivity.